Videos from the Royal Leicestershire Regiment

Tigers at the Somme - The Leicestershire Regiment:

Cyprus Emergency Memorial Unveiling -  National Event 21st August 2016:

Cyprus Veterans' Association parade at the NMA for service and remembrance 7th May 2014: here

Royal Leicestershire Regiment - Royal Tigers' Wood Memorial Stone re-site 17th July 2015: here

Royal Tigers' Weekend 21st June 2015: here

Hugglescote First Fifty memorial 1st November 2014: here

Royal Leicestershire Regiment Memorial Dedication National Memorial Arboretum 27th September 2014: here




Pathe News Report with Sgt John H Mitchell taken POW in Norway being repatriated, 2.73 seconds into clip: here

Pathe News - Leicesters' Home From Korea (short clip): here

Cyprus Veterans' Association Royal Leicestershire Regiment 9th May 2012: here

Royal Tigers' Weekend: here

Royal Tigers' Weekend: here

Royal Tigers' Weekend 18th June 2012 Part I: here

Royal Tigers' Weekend 18th June 2012 Part II: here

Royal Leicestershire Regiment 1960 62: here 

Colours For The Royal Leicestershire Regiment (1950-1959): here

Ambush Reel 2 (1964) - Based on the 1st Bn Royal Leicestershire Regiment, Borneo 1964: here

4th (Leicestershire) Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment South Arabia 1965: here 

Leicestershire Yeomanry Beating Retreat Bradgate 25th July 2015: here