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Medals List & Honours

Khedive's Sudan Medal 1910

Date 1911

Campaign: Sudan 1910 to 1922


Introduced in June 1911 as a replacement for the previous Khedive's Sudan Medal of 1896 - 1908. The silver medal was issued with clasps to combatants, and without a clasp to non-combatants, while the bronze version was granted to camp followers.


Atwot, S. Kordofan, Sudan 1912, Zeraf 1913-14, Mandal, Miri, Mongolla 1915-16, Darfur 1916, Fasher, Lau Nuer, Nyima 1917-18, Atwot 1918, Garjak Nuer, Aliab Dinka, Nyala, Darfur 1921.

Recipients of medals in our collection

Gordon, Herbert - CB CMG DSO Brigadier-General